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Allegro Opens for Beats Antique

At the Crystal Ballroom. 1332 W Burnside St, Portland, Oregon 97209

Catch the Allegro Dance Company doing a short set before the Beats show!

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Abstract Earth Project Presents:

Beats Antique
w/ special guest Axel Thesleff

Crystal Ballroom
Saturday, February 16th 2019
Doors: 6:30pm // Show: 8:00pm
All Ages

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Watch Beats Antique:
Listen here:

You can’t know Beats Antique until you’ve been a part of it’s journey, and experienced the act as an entity with a life of its own. A stage show that demands more music; music that needs costumes, ships and masks and shadow dances; an audience that comes for art, and takes away stories to spark their imagination.

When Beats Antique first drew breath, there was no pressure to become anything. The first album was just Zoe, David, and Tommy’s one-off experimental project for entertainment executive Miles Copeland, when Zoe performed with his Bellydance Superstars. From that creative freedom, a family formed, and in a good family each member wears many hats. Tommy steering percussion, piano, and music production. Zoe creating music, choosing themes and commanding a circus of travelling set designs, building costumes, and, of course, dancing like nothing you’ve ever seen. David as the multi-instrumentalist, captain of banjo, songwriting, and production. These diverse skills are the muscle of the monster, how the creature moves through them, making itself real.

Some music evolved organically from the decades of experience each collaborator brings to the project. Other pieces were written for the show. In deeply vulnerable interplay, every song is woven into a tapestry of danced and drummed story. Commitment to the full performance art form is how Beats Antique fuses musical worlds, pulling on global sounds for experiments on the fringes of cinematic cabaret, informed by electronic mash-ups and inspirations who have joined them on the journey such as Les Claypool, Bassnectar, Alam Khan, The Glitch Mob, and Preservation Hall Jazz Band.

As each album and stage show has built upon the last. As Zoe translates music with her body on stage at the Red Rocks Amphitheater, the wind whipping her hair around the earthenware jar on her head. As artist friends help paint set pieces, or don masks for the finale. As they look back on the snaking road that brought each of them here, from the melting pot of the San Francisco Bay, lifted by the zeitgeist of the bass and bellydance underground, to Thievery Corporation and their management one fateful night at Burning Man, through a performance in Egypt on the day some said the world would end, past their hometown show at The Fox on the night Occupy Oakland was evicted and merged with their fans to light bonfires in the street and leap over the flames, Beats Antique wants to say what was said to them backstage after that show: “Come outside, you have to see this!”

Beats Antique is lifted in each step by loyal fans who are included in their definition of chosen family. Whether they’ve been music producers or appreciators, acrobats, illustrators, or students of Zoe’s, the multigenerational, welcoming faces in the crowd are the fire that keeps Beats Antique warm, and ready to explore new depths for the sake of these many muses. They aim for a show anyone can enjoy, a circus that feeds the spirit.

In this place, where they can teach and create and converse with their creation like it’s a dragon come to life full of riddles and blustery demands, Beats Antique is weaving a unique story.

The moons of 2019 will rise on The Grand Bizarre, Beats Antique’s next musical and theatrical endeavor. It’s time to explore what is strange through the large culture collider that is their stage. The world is moving at a frantic pace, and to keep up, there’s nowhere to go but deep inside The Grand Bizarre. Open the door of perception and discover an expansive, rusty, nuclear truth — the only way out is into the strange. The only thing weirder than this world, is what’s happening in your head. What’s the difference, you might wonder? As soon as you join this freakshow, such confusion won’t matter. Find an event near you at


Watch Axel Thesleff:
Listen here:

Axel Thesleff is an electronic musician and producer
based in Helsinki, Finland. His style is very diverse, ranging from bass-heavy bangers to more relaxed and deep tracks, never forgetting about the emotion and story behind each piece of music. His tunes will make subwoofers purr, but also deliver an emotional impact which resonates with your soul.

Axel’s popularity has been paced up by his 2014
release, Bad Karma. Which has been streamed more
than 300 million times on Youtube and millions
more on Spotify and Soundcloud. Also, his other releases have been noticed by BBC Asian Network, Kiss Fm Romania, Ylex Finland and lots of other radio channels around the world. Several club gigs, festival performances, and interesting collaborations are just a beginning of this skilled, but humble musicians career.

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