We are the allegro dance company

The Allegro Dance Company is an experimental fusion dance collective based in Portland, Oregon USA. They are known for their engaging theatricality, heart-pounding choreography, and the seamless merging of cross-genre techniques and inspirations.

The brainchild of internationally touring teacher and performer Ashley López and currently directed by Elise Morris, Allegro is ultimately a collaborative effort, drawing company members from a diverse group of local talent. Each dancer brings her own unique artistic flair and dance training to co-create choreographies and full narrative shows exploring the mystery, passion, pain, and ultimate beauty of the human condition.


Allegro Company Members - Anna Maniaci, Ashley López, Bevin Victoria, Elise Morris, Heather Powers, Laura Blake, Morgan Fay, Rachel Smith, Tabra Bay, & Talia Vintzileos

Members-in-absentia - Brittany Stark, Janelle Jackson, Emilie Lauren & Makeda

All company members offer choreography, artistic design, and production/marketing to the collective effort.

2018 Company Director / Elise Morris

Production Assistant Lead / Talia Vintzileos
Graphic Design / Rachel Smith
Social Media / Anna Maniaci, Laura Blake
Records / Tabra Bay

Assistant Creative Director / Bevin Victoria